“Please, sir, I want some more.”

“What!” …Okay!

Enjoy this next flight of prose, poetry, and visual art from the supremely talented DPJ contributors!

If you’d like a copy of (Volume 1) in print, take a look at our ever-evolving list of bookstores, or ask us to ship one right to your doorstep.

As before, we’ll see you again the following Wednesday at 3 (pst) for the next drop!

(Volume 1) is now partially available online!

The first flight of prose, poetry, and visual art from (Volume 1) has dropped. Enjoy!

Remember, you can see all the work from (Volume 1) in all its printed glory by picking up a physical copy at one of these fine establishments, or by requesting a copy by mail.

See you next Wednesday, when we drop flight number two!

(Volume 1) Online Release Starts 12/10


Check in Wednesday @ 3 (PST), when we’ll release the first flight of work from (Volume 1) for free. Then check back every Wednesday @ 3 for the next flights, until all of (Volume 1) is available online.

Of course, you can always purchase a printed copy now in-store, or by reaching us here or here.

See you Wednesday!

(Volume 1) drops Saturday

The wait is almost over! Printed journals are hot off the press, and ready to be released this Saturday at the East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest.

If you’re interested in preordering a copy, send us an email or reach out to us on facebook. And if you happen to live hella far, we happen to ship hella far, so just ask! Otherwise, hang tight to hear where you can pick up a copy in stores…

(Volume 1) in Box

(Volume 1) Selections Have Been Made!

The submission turnout was literally, LITERALLY, unreal. Thank you all again! Some truly talented people from all over the country sent in their work, and we’re excited to say that all the selections for Doc Patrick’s Journal (Volume 1) have been made! Now on to printing!

Thank you

A warm thank you to all who sent in their work! The (Volume 1) call for submissions is now over.

As we begin making selections and move toward publication, continue to check this site and follow our facebook page to catch the latest on Doc Patrick’s Journal and our upcoming release, (Volume 1)!