hypnagogia logia

by Robert Andrew Perez


that  is to  say,  it  was  in the  utmost,  sober

quiet of my enclosed face.


the  dreamspeak  spoke.   she said  in a  quite

calming  voice  that,  in  this,  i  had  strength

beyond  what  i  was  aware,  but  outside,   i

would only know the [     ]  as the thin lovely

body  whose  arms  i  held  fell  closer  to  the

ground  he tilted his gaze to me.  he,  with his

voiceless  eyes,  whispered a promise  i knew,

even  dreaming,  he could not  keep.  i  heard

the word & took it though never given.





Robert Andrew Perez lives in Berkeley, California. He works for the English departments of UC Berkeley and Saint Mary’s College (where he earned his BA and MFA, respectively), and is an associate editor for the Oakland-based letterpress imprint speCt!. His work can be found in publications such as The Cortland Review, The Offending Adam and Omniverse and is forthcoming in The Laurel Review and Manor House Quarterly.


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