hypnagogia logia

by Robert Andrew Perez


they were walking,  the two,  up the sidewalk

each  carrying  a  box  of  things.   the  boxes

were   of   no   importance.     the   trees  they

strolled  beneath  &  the shadows that  passed

over them were of no importance either.   not

the way they swept  across their faces  as they

sauntered  along.  (the boxes were light.)  nor

were   the  glances   they  each  stole   of  any

importance.     all   that   mattered,   the   dust

mattering  the windless  air,  was they walked

their walk in complete hush.





Robert Andrew Perez lives in Berkeley, California. He works for the English departments of UC Berkeley and Saint Mary’s College (where he earned his BA and MFA, respectively), and is an associate editor for the Oakland-based letterpress imprint speCt!. His work can be found in publications such as The Cortland Review, The Offending Adam and Omniverse and is forthcoming in The Laurel Review and Manor House Quarterly.

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