(Volume 1) Biographies

Alain Jose Orta-Larsen “lives every day like it’s his last, but plans for tomorrow as if he will never pass”. Peace & love! -Oakland

Anthony Abuan is a native to California and a student of kindness. He has written in many forms, yet he cherishes poetry the most. He studies English with aspirations to teach composition.

Drew Diemar grew up in the green hills of Vermont, wondering what tourists saw so fascinating about his little state. He now resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, and realizes the romanticism surrounding his home state may not have been so misguided. He enjoys reading and coffee and the outdoors.

Laurie Kelsoe’s work, combining both painting and textile processes, focuses on breaking the dualities between social and personal relations through the biology of the human body.

Mire Berch is a poet, as well as a musician and filmmaker, born in the eighties in southeastern Pennsylvania. He strives for strange combinations and happy accidents. He moved to the Bay Area, finding the baby bear’s porridge of weather after living in places that were too hot and too cold. His work has been featured in White Elephant Magazine and on his tumblr page Sense Shower.

Raquel Ashley Dunkin-Ramirez is an artist living and working in Oakland, California. She graduated with a BFA in Photography from California College of the Arts in 2014.

Robert Andrew Perez lives in Berkeley, California. He works for the English departments of UC Berkeley and Saint Mary’s College (where he earned his BA and MFA, respectively), and is an associate editor for the Oakland-based letterpress imprint speCt!. His work can be found in publications such as The Cortland Review, The Offending Adam and Omniverse and is forthcoming in The Laurel Review and Manor House Quarterly.

Sharon Coleman‘s poetry and short fiction appears in print and online journals and in her chapbook Half Circle. She writes for Poetry Flash, teaches at Berkeley City College, co-curates the reading series Lyrics & Dirges, and co-directs the Berkeley Poetry Festival.

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